Considering the impossible: Will Facebook ever die?

Before you dismiss the notion of Facebook’s demise, take a step back for a second. Actually, take a step back about 12 years.

Now you’re in 2006, and you’ve just logged into your MySpace for the umpteenth time since you woke up, gleefully engaging with everything your friends do. There’s something magical – and addictive – about it.

And if I told you it would all come crashing down, you wouldn’t believe me. Just like you might not believe me now.

Can Facebook die?

Let’s just ignore the fact that you’re sick of Facebook, and that you secretly dread browsing the newsfeed. And let’s also ignore the fact that you’re not the only one who feels this way.

It turns out science has something to say about it. A few years ago, Princeton University researchers predicted the site would lose 80 percent of its users by 2017, comparing its “growth curve” to the Bubonic Plague.

While their unflattering prediction wasn’t fulfilled last year, the scientists did find an unsettling trend in Google search data: “Facebook searches peaked in December 2012 and have since begun to trail off.”

The folks who stand to suffer the most from this, other than Mark Zuckerberg, are digital marketers, who have billions of advertising dollars tied up in Facebook and other social media.

But this is no reason to start worrying. For one thing, Facebook may simply evolve into something better. And if the site is indeed abandoned, the migration that occurred when Facebook supplanted MySpace may very well happen again.

In other words, social media isn’t going away.

The moral of the story

In digital marketing, disruptive change simply comes with the territory. For a good digital marketer, little bumps in the road – like, say, the demise of Facebook – shouldn’t spell doom. They should bring opportunity.

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