Making sense of all those 2018 predictions

Now that 2018 is finally here, it’s a good time to start keeping score on all those New Year “predictions” – many of which we shared on social media.

Problem is, we’re still a little early. Since each of those predictions has a whole year to come true, it would be premature to start declaring winners now. But one thing we can do is decide which of those predictions is the most likely to come true.

So we decided to look at all the “2018 predictions” articles we shared last month (along with others) and find the one thing they have in common – a  clear theme. And it’s this: One-to-one, personalized marketing will make a quantum leap forward.

Six different articles agree, and the basic message is that “hyper-targeting” will help marketers tailor every step of the sales experience – from the initial ad to the landing page – to the customer. And thanks to improving technology, the marketers already doing this will get even better.

It’s getting personal

A lot of good companies seem to be catching on with personalized marketing.

In fact, according to Social Media Today, “68 percent of marketers say their business is increasingly focusing on customer experience in marketing.”

For its part, Marketing Dive delivers this encouraging news: In 2018, marketers will begin to uncover the secrets of achieving one-to-one marketing at scale. In other words, digital marketing “that’s easier to apply across platforms” and yields a real return on investment.

So what can we do to make this into something meaningful for you? To name just one, it’s getting you in touch with experts from the vanguard of their craft. Otherwise, we’d love to continue the conversation with you.

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