Should marketers be afraid of Facebook’s new algorithm?

If you’re in any corner of the digital marketing world, you’ve no doubt heard the grumbling – and seen the hand-wringing – about Facebook’s new algorithm.

The trepidation is understandable. After all, this change – which is described as the biggest-ever revamp of the News Feed algorithm – is aimed right us.

“As we roll this out,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised in an update last week, “you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”


The idea is to fill your News Feed (the most important part of Facebook) with more stories and posts from family and friends. Why? As it turns out, Zuckerberg says, company research found that advertising-related content was “crowding out the personal moments” that help users connect with one another, shifting Facebook away from its community-focused origins.

Sounds noble, but what about the businesses that rely on Facebook to spread brand awareness and reach new clients?

New opportunities

As dire as it seems, the new algorithm – which will prioritize the posts that the people in your network actively engage with – may actually provide us an opportunity to get better at what we do.

The change, says Digiday, will likely “filter out clickbait-style promotions (‘Like our product if you think this dog is cute’), which will pressure brands to create more meaningful content over the long term.”

In other words, successful advertising posts are those that will encourage users (and established customers) not only to click, but also to talk, debate, and keep the conversation going.

So what might such content actually look like, and how will it work for your own online branding efforts? If you want to know more about the new Facebook algorithm, and how to use it to your advantage, reach out to Fluency Digital for a free consultation today.