There’s a staffing problem in digital marketing. How do we solve it?

Let’s face it: When it comes to finding, hiring, and retaining talent, this industry is dealing with major growing pains.

As if keeping up with evolving technology wasn’t challenging enough, companies breaking into digital marketing are also having a hard time getting the right people for the job. According to Digiday, a recent survey of 400 executives found 43 percent of them couldn’t find the talent they needed.

The reasons for the staffing shortfall are many. To name just one, a lot of agencies and brands are looking to the entertainment industry for help. This is because “they’re pressured to make ads more entertaining” by an increasingly pop culture-obsessed market, Digiday notes.

Problem is, a lot of those entertainment folks aren’t interested in working on the business side of things.

So what’s the solution?

Taking the time and energy to build a full in-house team would seem the obvious answer, but not so fast, imFORZA founder Vinny La Barbera tells Forbes. 

“Hiring for any position, let alone a whole team, is a resource-draining task,” La Barbera says, adding that “it makes more sense to outsource first” and “learn from that experience…”

But don’t let the stigma of the word “outsource” throw you. This isn’t about farming off important tasks to cubicle workers a world away; it’s about making the right connections, right here.

If you’re making your first foray into digital marketing, though, chances are you might not have those connections yet. But they’re in your own backyard, and Fluency Digital can bring them to your table.

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