Is PPC really the best use of your advertising dollars?

There’s something undeniably attractive about billboard advertising. After all, the image of a big highway sign towering over the landscape is almost as iconic as Coca-Cola.

But how much does it cost?

As you might guess, it can be quite expensive. So, with a limited budget, you might think that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is the answer. True, it’s not as romantic as the classic American billboard, but growing companies need to be frugal. So it’s an obvious choice, right?

Yes, but not so fast

If you’re a small business looking to get your name out there, the quick answer is yes – especially for B2B-focused services. But proceed with caution, because a PPC misstep can be costly.

As Entrepreneur warns, PPC will lead to bupkis if your ad doesn’t link to the right landing page. For instance, don’t send visitors to your homepage if you advertised a specific product, and don’t force them to fill out annoying forms immediately.

If that happens, Entrepreneur says, “you took an engaged, targeted visitor and forced him or her to work for the information you promised.”

Another tricky area is keywords. As Forbes writes, “many still take the old approach…which is to generate an exhaustive keyword wishlist, (and) jam as many of those keywords” into their ads as possible.

But picking the right keywords and using them effectively is an art, and mastering it is crucial to the success of your PPC campaign. Unfortunately, this is just one of a number of potential pitfalls facing advertisers in the PPC game.

So what’s a business owner to do?

As Wordstream suggests, investing in PPC management is “a great way to save time, reduce costly mistakes, and get on with actually running your business.”

So if you’re ready to make a winning online ad campaign, Fluency Digital would love to hear from you. Contact us for a free PPC consultation today.